Abilities Art Collective 

Christene Rowntree & Montina Hussey

About Christene

I am a Toronto based artist who concentrates on shedding light on my native roots. I am of Cree decent and I am a survivor of the residential school system. In my work the viewer will become soon aware of my history, which fluctuates between beauty and pain. My favourite mediums are charcoal, and acrylic. I have found in the artistic process immense healing for my depression and anxiety. I was ridiculed and bullied because of my disability. At a young age I knew if I could paint or draw, it would help cradle weight of societies judgements. It takes a toll on you to always be told you are not able, or not welcome, and this is what I would like to see changed, and I think art is a great language to challenge that ideology. It’s a language all walks of life can speak.


I was paired with Montina when I was part of an organization called Artists Without Barriers. She was volunteering through OCAD University. Montina was my scribe. A scribe’s role involves facilitating my vision. Because of my disability, it can be difficult to do the smallest tasks. Montina physically and mentally supports my artistic process. It takes some time, but I always get the results I want. She has to be patient and allow me to have my voice and vision. We worked together for a year until Artists without Barriers shut it doors. Since then we meet weekly and create. I sell numerous prints and have been a part of group shows in Toronto since. We are Abilities Arts Collective and we believe in the innate abilities in all.

Upcoming Shows and Events

I am excited to announce I will be live painting at "Dream Big 2018" on May 10th in Clinton. 

My art will also be on display from May 11th - June 1st in the upcoming show "The Inbetween" at York Lane Art Collective in Stratford. 

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