Montina Hussey

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Baby Marks

$450.00 CAD

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Framed with a handcrafted wooden frame.

Acrylic on Canvas

When I gave birth to my son it was like a volcano between my legs! Abstraction is a great way to explain a physical and spiritual reality. This was a collaborative piece done with my son at a parent child run residency called "Mothra".

The process of giving birth to a baby is a rollercoaster! Each of my abstract pieces is an expression of the euphoric and enticing experience of giving birth. It is a wild ride and a full-body and out-of-body experience all at once. It can be easily forgotten like a dream because the entire experience is otherworldly. I found the only way to express the intensity of childbirth was through painting through the lens of abstraction.  My son Everett always gets his hands in on these pieces. If collected, half the proceeds will go towards him and his future. See more from this series under "Volcano". 

“Baby Marks”  is wired at the back and ready to hang. For an additional $200 you can add a handmade maple wood floating frame. Choose raw or white and let us know when we connect. 

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