Montina Hussey

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Custom Landscape by Montina

$250.00 CAD

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A painting is a time machine that can bring you back to a place you once loved, or transport you to a place in your dreams.

As an artist, I take great pleasure in collaborating on a patron's vision. It begins with a photograph and your vision takes a magical mystery ride on my brush onto the canvas. Take me to that special place that brings you joy and nostalgia. I love to create landscapes that are dynamic in colour and expressive in brushstrokes. Each painting is created with golden acrylics and Windsor newton oil paint on a stretched gesso canvas.

Once you have checked out I will contact you right away to discuss your vision, and ask for a photo to work from. Depending on the size, paintings take one to two weeks to finish, and then one more week to dry, Your new artwork will then be securely wrapped and shipped. 

For an additional $100 you can add a custom pine  frame left raw or painted the colour of your choice. These frames are hand constructed by my brother Micah Hussey from MJH Carpentry. 

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